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STOP PRESS! The universally reviled Flapdragons will be breaking with tradition this weekend as they ruin an otherwise perfectly civilised 50th birthday party. Preparations have been meticulous; the caviar and oysters flown in specially and additional security engaged, but all to no avail as the hostess foolishly fell for Brian�s sales patter and booked the band. Can�t say she wasn�t warned!

We are expecting great things of the hostess, as she takes the stage to serenade her husband with the lilting air I Love to Love, followed by a raw chilli eating contest and a �who has the skimpiest loincloth� competition.

It promises to be a night to remember, so if you�re lucky enough to have an invitation, hold on to your nether parts and enjoy the ride.


Sat 13 June: Harveys Brewery Summer Anniversary Ball, Metropole Hotel, Brighton, Invitation only

Sat 27 June: Wilfest, St Wilfrid�s School, Burgess Hill, tickets available from the school

A six piece party band who make any function go with a bang. The Saucies have been around for almost 10 years now and they are still the most fun you can have with your clothes on. It�s official.

You can get an idea of the style and sound of the band by clicking on the four links at the top of the page- but turn up your speakers and enjoy.

Available for all kinds of party, corporate functions, weddings and the sheer hell of it, the band has gathered some important fans, who aren�t shy about telling the world exactly what they thought of the band. We are still the only band to have literally played a �piss up in a brewery� when we desecrated the historic Harveys facility in Lewes.

So if you�re looking for that magic ingredient to make your party better than sex, look no further than The Saucy Flapdragons and give your guests a night to remember.

The name? Shakespeare of course...